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Wheelchair, by Pulitzer Prize finalist Will Arbery, follows the shifting lives of cities, apartments, objects, and a man named Gordon. Even though he's being evicted, Gordon believes himself to be one of God’s thirty-six chosen people. In this play, which teeters between comedy and tragedy, people and refrigerators speak of their despairs and fantasies.

July 1, 2018


Wheelchair is a beautiful play—surprising at every turn—balancing gentle humor, downright hysteria and genuine pathos.
—David Greenspan

Riddled with anxiety and self-doubt, the people—and even objects—in Wheelchair battle their grim circumstances with whatever tools they can muster. However, their words are imbued with such humor, strangeness, and life that we are left invigorated rather than depressed by each encounter. Arbery is one of the most exciting young playwrights of his generation.
—Young Jean Lee

Will Arbery is "one of the theater’s greatest listeners."
—Chloé Cooper Jones, New York Times Magazine

Gordon gave me the chance to share my love of Streisand with the audience and expose my vulnerability and innocence.To see myself as a sexual being has been a lifelong goal and challenge. Someone finally writes a romantic scene for me, and I don’t even get the girl in the end!
—Matthew S. Joffe

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