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Brief Chronicle, Books 6-8

Brief Chronicle, Books 6-8

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In Brief Chronicle, Books 6–8, Agnes Borinsky delivers a play in a single column. A history play that grounds epic themes—longing, violence and imperialism, and the bond between mother and son—in the quiet ways we talk.

March 1, 2017


Brief Chronicle, Books 6-8 is a remarkable creature of our shattered and shuttered time. Borinsky’s theater examines everything that it encounters—including the various artifices of theater itself, i.e. character, costumes, boxes, supposed emotions (real or imagined), action as it would have its way, place/s, and all the supposed ends and means of the theater making apparatus—with a scrupulous but loving attentiveness. There is no one quite like her writing and making theater today.
—Mac Wellman

In this big, small play, people learn who they are as they say things, punctuation makes gaps where lonely spirits and dances live, and stuff gets sticky between tender, selfish hearts. This is a battle cry for doing the daily work of becoming better in America.
—Jennie Liu

If the world feels a little unknowable after reading this play, if you feel unknowable to yourself, how do you talk about that, how do you narrate what it was like? Still, I will tell you what I thought about when I finished Brief Chronicle. Intimacy. The many ways (sometimes strange or uncomfortable) in which it’s possible to know another person. What it means to appear. What it means to live.
Amina Cain


Agnes Borinsky is a writer, based in Los Angeles. She has written many plays, including The Trees, Ding Dong It's the Ocean, Of Government, and Brief Chronicle, Books 6-8, available from 3 Hole Press. She is also the author of Sasha Masha, a YA novel.

Amina Cain is the author most recently of the short story collection CREATURE (Dorothy, 2013). Her work has appeared in publications such as n+1 and BOMB

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