Pig Iron: Three Plays (PDF)

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Since 1995, Pig Iron Theatre Company has been making unprecedented, original work for audiences in Philadelphia and beyond. The company has been recognized for innovation that cuts across the physical and the textual. Collaborating with playwrights, assembling and composing texts from scratch, and adapting literary works, Pig Iron's written texts bring physical intensity and peculiarity into a broad, strange interface with both archaic and invented modes of theatrical entertainment, culling especially from traditions of vaudeville, commedia dell'arte, buffon, clowning, melodrama, dance, and opera. PIG IRON: THREE PLAYS offers the first extended opportunity to approach the company's work on the page, and includes an introduction by the company on the relationship of the written script to their performance work. The volume includes Hell Meets Henry Halfway, Chekhov Lizardbrain, and Gentlemen Volunteers.