Rude Mechs' Lipstick Traces

$ 14.00

a graphic adaptation by Lana Lesley
of the stage adaptation by the Rude Mechs
of the critical history of the 20th century by Greil Marcus
May 2019
80 pages
paper/perfect bound
ISBN: 978-0981753324

1534: John of Leyden proclaims himself the Favorite of Heaven, runs naked through the streets of Munster, Germany, and forms a society free of laws or private property. 1976: John Lydon proclaims himself an “antichrist,” helps launch a movement to ‘destroy passersby,’ and permanently changes popular culture. Coincidence?

This graphic adaptation by Lana Lesley of the play by Rude Mechs adapted from the celebrated and intellectually nervy book by Greil Marcus is a gritty rendition of a theatrically irreverent and physically ecstatic vision of "movements in culture that raised no monuments...movements that barely left a trace."